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TAUFIQUE AHMED: I’m a Research Analyst working in Channel i, a private satellite television in Bangladesh. I love music, films, television media and the online world. Most of the time, I love spending my time with my computer, both in office and at home.

FELICIA ATKINSON currently resides in Brussels, Belgium. She’s got an English name because of her grand grand father, but she was a lonely child raised by her Polish mom and her Parisian father in an appartment surrounded by books. Her work is inspired by two ways of thinking: the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy of the unfinished, and the lo-fi folk in music.

TRACY BRANNSTROM: I’m 22 and live in Chicago and… I don’t know.

MAURITS DE BRUIJN: If he does not write, he makes drawings. If he does not draw, he dances in his living room. If he is in his living room, he dances.

MARCUS BÖSCH hat noch Pläne.

TARA DARBY grew up by the seaside and now lives and works in East London – she likes to combine portraiture, documentary and fashion, carries a camera everywhere and swims in the open air as much as possible.

MADELEINE DAVIES-HAYES is a recent graduate of Oberlin College aka Hipster college. She now lives in Philadelphia with her unemployed boyfriend, where she works for corporate America and wears a lot of blazers.

MIRKO DRILLER lebt in Berlin, hat eine Internetphobie entwickelt und geht gerne im Park spazieren.

JONATHAN FORSYTHE was born 7 lbs 6 ounces in Kentvillle, Nova Scotia, the son of Marsha and Douglas and brother of Stephanie.

DAVE GEETING lives in Brooklyn, NY and attends School of Visual Arts for a BFA in photography. He takes his camera everywhere and gets lucky sometimes. He hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in years.

Die BRÜDER GONCOURT sind 1822 und 1832 geboren und leben zur Zeit in Dortmund. Sie beschäftigen einen Butler, der mit ihren Chinoiserien nichts anfangen kann. Einmal im Jahr wird in ihrem Namen ein Literaturpreis verliehen; das ist ihre einzige Verbindung zur Welt der Beaux arts.

NORA HALPERN is from Zuerich, right now in Chicago making shoes and things and other things.

STEPHAN HERCZEG wohnt, schläft, arbeitet und isst in Köln. Manchmal auch woanders.

MATHILDE JOCHUM-FUCHS ist gerade nach New York gezogen und kommt im Herbst in die dritte Klasse. Am liebsten ist sie wild und spielt draußen und sie findet es toll, dass New York am Meer liegt.

SEA HYUN LEE’s »Between Red« paintings are originally in red colour. They are carefully crafted using a manner of construction that is akin to collage, a constant and obsessive shuffling of recurring layers. Lee endlessly revisits and reconstitutes the landscape of the DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone, cutting across the Korean Peninsula that acts as a buffer zone between North and South Korea. »When I was serving my mandatory military service, I would be in a tactical area at night, close to the border. I would wear night vision goggles, which coated everything in red. The forests and trees felt so fantastic and beautiful. It was unrealistic scenery filled with horror and fear, and with no possibility of entering.« Lee’s imagined landscapes function both on a political and on an aesthetic level, but these are also deeply personal works. They reference Lee’s own sense of the past and its losses, infusing a sophisticated sense of nostalgia, and a wry idea of utopia.

SOPHIA MARTINECK arbeitet als Illustratorin in Berlin, fährt gern Fahrrad und kocht britisches Essen in ihrer Freizeit.

ELISABETH MOCH is an illustrator from Germany, currently living in Berlin-Neukölln in a big room with 35 flowers. She wonders where she will be when the next issue of Neue Probleme comes out.

JENNY MÖRTSELL is just another Swedish illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. She believes in love, the power of music and beer.

MARIO LASAR is the greatest dancer.

Ich heiße MALINA VON RETH und gehe in die 9. Klasse des Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasiums. In meiner Freizeit gehe ich Reiten und Voltigieren und treffe mich gerne mit meinen Freunden.

AMÉLIE SCHNEIDER sucht Erfrischung im benachbarten Entenbach, der in nächster Nähe fließenden Isar und dem im Umkreis da liegenden Ammersee. Ihren kargen Balkon versucht sie mit Herbst-anemone, Fingerpflanze und Söckelblume einladend zu gestalten. Insgesamt ganz schön.

FLORIAN SIEPERT lebt in Hamburg. Er schreibt gelegentlich über Nahrungsmittel und veranstaltet noch gelegentlicher darauf bezogene Events wie das Porkcamp. Wegen der dafür nötigen Recherche ist er ein bisschen dick, aber sehr zufrieden.

SUFJAN STEVENS ist ein US-amerikanischer Singer-Songwriter und Musiker. Unter anderem spielt er Gitarre, Banjo, Klavier, Orgel, Bass, Oboe, Saxophon, Querflöte, Akkordeon und Schlagzeug. Zurzeit lebt er in New York.

MÄRTA THISNER was born in Uppsala in 1981 and now lives and works in Stockholm. She doesn’t like writing texts but sometimes she likes to dance with half naked friends at sunrise and take perfect pictures of it.

KATHARINA POBLOTZKI is an editor slash photographer and can be found sharing time between Cologne and Berlin. Every time she reads a sentence like that, it makes her cringe. Katharina likes to take photographs of (in no particular order): Popstars, dogs and friends, and she hopes you’re awesome:

DIANE VINCENT came into the world in Palermo and was living in Leipzig and Berlin Marzahn and went to Paris and LA. These days she is into exploring Berlin again, looking for pictures in backyards and shooting with naked Mädchen in the woods. She  also likes to eat good and local food.

PETER ZACHARY VOELKER, 22, homeless in NYC with his cat named Lily, working at a bar and missing his girlfriend.

HANNA WIESLANDER likes picasso ceramics and is into plaster and steel wire with passion. She adores the human body.

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